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Simplest and Cheapest Ways to Move to Canada

Getting to know Canada is such a rewarding experience. It is possible some of you are drawn to their world-class lifestyle, some of you might be impressed by their liberal political culture, and many of you may be interested in the amazing career prospects. In summary, Canadians have a lot …

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Where to move in summertime: best places to visit

Greece What do you think about when you envision the perfect vacation? Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the endless blue of the sea? About ancient monasteries high, high in the mountains? About a blooming deserted island with golden sand? Greece will make your dreams come true. Admire the Athenian Acropolis, …

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Things you need to grasp when traveling to Italy

The most significant heritage of art and architecture, history, cuisine that has become a cult, insanely beautiful landscapes, and temperamental residents who incredibly love their country (there is a reason) – all this is Italy! A country to which you want to return, where you want to love, create, eat …

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Best ski resorts in the world

The idea of ​​proper rest is different for everyone. For some, a tropical paradise with stretching white sand beaches and coconut palms are just what the doctor ordered. Choose a more dynamic recreation by conquering the icy slopes of other great recreational places.  Dozens of exciting winter adventures from Aspen …

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Best Places to visit in Japan

Many of Japan’s landmarks are well known abroad: Tokyo TV Tower, Golden Temple, Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb Falls Park. When going on a trip, travelers plan to rub Hachiko’s nose in the Shibuya quarter, buy anime goods in Akihabara, and get acquainted with the life of geisha in Kyoto. In Japan, however, …

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