Where to move in summertime: best places to visit


What do you think about when you envision the perfect vacation? Breakfast on the balcony overlooking the endless blue of the sea? About ancient monasteries high, high in the mountains? About a blooming deserted island with golden sand? Greece will make your dreams come true. Admire the Athenian Acropolis, which remembers BC times, and escape the troubles on sugar-coated Santorini. Rub Aristotle’s finger in Thessaloniki to become wiser and lose your head over the scenery of Navaggio Bay in Zakynthos. Suppose you also manage to conquer the picturesque mountains of Meteora. In that case, local monks will treat you with their delight as a reward.


In sunny Bulgaria, everything is at home: no language barriers and reasons to limit yourself. Eat fruit for future use, ride the waves on a funny pink mattress and get enlightened in the churches of Nessebar and the nature reserve by the Rila Lakes. Your business is to wander through the ancient ruins, inhale the aromas of the Valley of Roses, and feast on tender cavern and fresh tarator, and you owe nothing to anyone else.


In what, and in the ability to choose a place in the sun, Lannisters from “Game of Thrones” can not be denied: the role of the capital of Westeros was given to Dubrovnik easily. But in Croatia, sitting in one place, even if it is the Iron Throne in King’s Landing, is a crime. Wander the hiking trails of Plitvice Lakes, lost in coniferous and beech forests. Visit the Trakoschan castle, go down to the Wranjaka cave, choose your favorite of the Adriatic islands, and spend the night at the lighthouse. And in goodbye, look into the picturesque villages of Croatian Zagorje and bring home a wooden toy as a souvenir of a warm and sincere vacation.


How to relax in Europe without a visa and where to inexpensively go to the sea abroad? The answer to both questions is Montenegro. If you visit this place once, you will come back again and again. Sunbathe by the clear sea on golden sand, come off at the SEA DANCE festival, and snorkel off the Lustica peninsula. To admire the Skadar Lake, the palaces and castles of Perast, and the rocky monastery of Ostrog. To improve your health at the mud resort of Igalo, feast on burekas with horseradish and wash it down with Balkan brandy – brandy. Checked: photos of summer vacations in Montenegro warm, even the most frosty winter evenings.

Active Cyprus

Many have met a photograph of a snow-white sandy strip and on the sides of the sea. This is the world-famous Nissi Beach. Beautiful beaches, a vast number of bars, and discos await you in the summer in the youth region of Cyprus – Ayia Napa. Sometimes this region is compared to Ibiza; only it will be much more affordable on a budget. The exciting capital of this island is Nicosia – the capital of two states. As everyone knows, Cyprus is divided into two parts, Greek and Turkish, and Nicosia connects them. Returning to the summer holiday regions, I advise you to choose Larnaca for a family vacation, where it will be quiet and peaceful. To combine an active and family vacation, you need to go to Limassol. Of course, the birthplace of Aphrodite is the city of Paphos; this is an ancient city, but with luxury hotels.

Weather conditions of the country: the water temperature in the season, from mid-May to mid-October, up to 27 ° C, and the air warms up to 33 ° C. The price for Cyprus will pleasantly surprise you, starting from 380 € for two with early booking.


It would help if you visited the Maldives at least once in your life. Surfers – to ride the perfect wave. Divers – to dive into giant sea turtles and bizarre corals. For lovers – to spend the sweetest honeymoon of your life. Those who like to set new records – to cross the equator at Addu Atoll. And for fans of curiosities – to stay in an underwater hotel and instead of coffee in the morning drink cocktails straight from the coconut. Flying to the Maldives can be cheaper than you think: Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Etihad Airways often arrange ticket sales to these paradise islands.


It is enough to see summer Georgia once to fall in love with this country with all your soul. To swim and sunbathe, go to romantic Batumi, to Kobuleti with a pine forest, or the green Cape Mtsvane-Kontskhi, near the shores of which it is good to dive with a mask. And, of course, Georgians will not understand if you leave without trying real khinkali and local wine.

South Korea

There are more than enough beautiful beaches in South Korea. Locals love to relax on Haeundae Beach in Busan – it never happens deserted. Still, it has everything you need: sun loungers, water sports equipment, a cafe, and even free Wi-Fi. There are fewer people on Gwangalli Beach, and the sea is even cleaner – it is good to meet the sunset with a bottle of soju. For authentic exoticism, go to the mandarin island of Jeju. Here, wherever you look, there are paradisiacal landscapes. Still, it will be incredibly annoying to miss Samyang Beach with its healing black sand.