Gopro quik easy video editing software

According to HubSpot, 90% of marketers are already experiencing increased competition from video marketing. Creating and publishing video content is no longer enough. You need to make sure your videos are of high quality and stand out from the mediocre range.

You can make your own business and try to get followers interested of be a budding YouTuber. Videos are one of the best ways to improve your campaign and engage audience. 

This is simply because there is an ancient myth associated with video production. It is often considered that creating high-quality videos is expensive, time-consuming, and time-consuming. Fortunately, today’s cutting-edge technology has completely changed the way video is completed.

You no longer need a high quality cam or prohibitively expensive software to create amazing videos. Many modern smartphones have cams that can be used to take videos.

GoPro Quik

All of you have heard about the GoPro brand. It is a pioneer company in compact action cameras. But not everyone has heard that GoPro is developing its software. GoPro Quik is a free video editing app for iPhone or Android. Its main charm is in a clever algorithm that only needs to feed individual videos. The application will rest on its own: it will determine the most critical moments from the videos, select music by the content, choose transition effects, apply a filter, and your video is ready.

In some cases, you will have to contribute to the work on the finished video, and there is such an opportunity. Everything that the application does automatically can be done manually. Therefore, you can safely go to manual installation, or you can combine. Some points of the application are very excellent gluing and sounding. Also, the pluses include the ability to choose the orientation of the video.

Movavi Clips

What: A simple and straightforward application that has all the necessary tools for high-quality editing. Cut videos, add effects and transitions, add background music and titles – all this can be done in Movavi Clips in minutes. There is a built-in library with original sounds and melodies. In the program itself, there are tips for beginners. On the Movavi Vlog channel, training videos on the application are constantly being released.

Ideal for: YouTube, Instagram vlogs, commercials, and family archives

Price: The basic version is free, but it will retain the Movavi watermark on your videos.


A popular video editing application with extensive functionality in the free version. The editor allows you to cut and adjust videos with high precision, combine videos and photos into collages, insert logos and watermarks, experiment with effects, and decorate your video clip with various stickers. In addition to standard filters and transitions, VivaVideo also offers unique effects: you can add rainbows, rain, flames, and other magical elements to a clip.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Another free application for editing video on an iPhone or Android smartphone is developed by the equally well-known company Adobe. Most YouTube bloggers edit their videos in the Adobe Premiere Pro desktop program. But the company decided to make Adobe Premiere as Clip a mobile application. Obviously, in terms of functionality, it is not comparable to the desktop version of Premiere. Premiere is still a complete and professional video editing software. But a beautiful and straightforward video can be created here much faster. Like GoPro Quik, Premiere Clip has a clever algorithm that automatically produces a clip from selected videos. Still, it does a bit worse at this task than Quik.

Nevertheless, the result can be converted to manual editing and brought to perfection. For subscribers of the Adobe Creative Cloud platform, the ability to sync finished videos with other devices is available. This will be useful if you need to create or modify video on your pc. Adobe’s video orientation options are lagging, though. You cannot create a vertical video in this application.


While PowerDirector is available only for Android users, LumaFusion pleases only iOS device owners. This app can be downloaded to iPad or iPhone. And unlike the same PowerDirector, there are much more possibilities for editing. It is essentially a scaled-down version of Adobe Premiere for PC. The app has a timeline with three tracks for video and three for audio. There is a full-fledged volume control of the entire project, as well as its elements. An analog of Motion Effects from desktop Premiere is also available here. That is, it is possible to animate movement, transparency, rotation, and scale. You can also overlay text and animate it in a variety of ways.

It is also worth noting the presence of solid settings for the quality of the video created. The company of the iPad version also puts LumaFusion a little higher than other applications since it is more convenient to mount on a large screen. This is almost the only mobile tool that will allow you to do the editing entirely. If you want, this is not just an application but a severe video editing program. However, such abilities come at a price.