Cloudflare WARP is the Best VPNs for Mobiles, Windows, PC

Are you worried about your online privacy? If rest assured, you are one of the many users looking for the best VPNs in 2021. It’s no secret that you have every reason to be skeptical about your online safety. You can get security on the Internet using VPN – Virtual Private Network (VPN – Virtual Private Network). A VPN is software that helps make you more anonymous on the Internet, encrypts your network usage, and effectively tricks your laptop or mobile device into thinking that you are somewhere else. A VPN provides an extra layer of security for your internet connections, public or private. As businesses are increasingly tied to making money through the Internet and people often work remotely from home, the number of users who turn to VPNs to protect their confidential data is growing.

Hotspot Shield

They can be used Hotspot on five different devices in same time. Be thanks to this, where you can make your purchases on the Internet without worry about someone will gaining access into your data.

Disadvantages one-of the service include a lot off the fact that be in the free version, where you cannot choose any country by through which the traffic will be pass, and sometimes you will faced some issue with speed of internet connection will decreases.


Cloudflare-WARP automatically work by selects the best and fast server. Where You cannot specify this country manually it’s make accordingly, but you not allow to change that location. 


Express-VPN is our first pick! It is valued for its reliability, speed, confidentiality, and unblocking of any services. The VPN-service Express-VPN was launched in 2009. It is a virtual private network service offered by Express-VPN International Ltd, registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Touted as one of the most extensive VPN-services globally, Express-VPN operates over 3,000 remote servers worldwide in 94 countries and over 160 locations. The most significant servers are located in Brazil, Canada, the USA, France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. For most subscribers, five simultaneous connections of this VPN will be more than enough (although most of the other VPN-services on this list allow more), as well as VPN applications for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux (and special extensions for Chrome and Firefox). This VPN-service is easy to use on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, smart TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, and routers. The service already used AES-256 encryption (as did the US government) and a number of other protocols, including IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP / IPsec, to keep user data secure. Significantly, the service has now begun rolling out its own Lightway protocol, which aims to further improve speed and reliability.


One of the best VPN-services out there and continues to improve its features. NordVPN is our # 2 pick. Launched in 2012, NordVPN is one of the best VPN-service providers available. As of September 2021, the service operates on over 5505 servers in 59 countries. The most significant number of servers are located in the US, UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, and Canada. offers the AES-256 standard, and for added security, you also have the option to enable the Double VPN system, which encrypts all your internet traffic not once but twice. This setting is essential when using public Wi-Fi, torrenting, or Tor. This VPN’s features include robust DNS protection, application-specific and system-wide failover switches, proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and payment options that include Bitcoin, PayPal, and credit cards.

The VPN-service has a chatbot and excellent 24/7 real-time customer support. If you’d like to try the VPN-service for free before purchasing, NordVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. One of the advantages of this VPN is its strategic location in Panama. For legal reasons, Panama does not have mandatory data retention laws.

Surfshark VPN

A relatively new player in the VPN-service provider market, Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands. Most of its clientele is in Europe. Over 800 servers in over 45 countries do their best to provide optimal customer service.

The main attraction of Surfshark’s VPN-service is the incredible price tag. When you subscribe to a 2-year plan, the monthly cost is less than $ 2.50. Compare the prices of the other VPN-services in this guide, and you won’t find many options that come close to that price. If you plan to use a VPN on a laptop, pc (Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible), tablet, pair of mobile phones (iOS and Android), and Amazon Fire TV, Stick to watch foreign TV, one account is enough for all connected devices.

It is worth noting the VPN interface of; it is entirely simplified and devoid of any complex menus and settings. After installing the VPN, all you’ll see is “Fast Connect” and “All Locations,” followed by the “Settings” icon and nothing else. Whether this is an advantage or a disadvantage depends entirely on your perception and your needs. Surfshark has added OpenVPN, UDP, TCP, IKEv2, and the new WireGuard protocol to its options on the security front. In addition, Surfshark boasts private DNS and additional protection over dual VPN. 

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