Easy Tips to keep in mind before traveling

Although at first glance organizing a trip may seem something very complicated, we assure you that it is a much easier process than you imagine, in addition to being one of the most critical parts, because it should even be understood as a part of it and for, Therefore, synonymous with enjoying it to the fullest.

And since we know that sometimes a push is needed, we leave you some of the things that we believe you must consider to organize a trip and enjoy it.

Be careful with the passport.

Make certain you have the records in order in advance. For example, that your passport has sufficient validity. In-many countries, they require it to be valid for more than six months, which should be a significant setback when renewing it if it is a time of year with high demand.

Get a photo of the passport and save it on your mobile and in the cloud with the identification, of course, so that, in the circumstance of robbery or trouble, you can reach it from any device. To increase security, Use body storage bags.

Attention to the suitcase

This is essential advice, although we tend to skip it:

  1. Do not travel with excess luggage.
  2. Pack whatever you consider necessary, but forget about carrying items that you may not even use.
  3. Carefully choose the pieces of clothing that allow the combination to fit together. The option for proper shoes; choose fun accomplices that are beneficial to you and technical stuff that you will not get at your end.

Once you have it clear, put everything in the suitcase neatly and try to take up as little space as possible. Before leaving home, check if you have identified the luggage correctly. If you are traveling by plane, you may find suitcases identical to yours on the conveyor belts.

You can eat on the plane.

If you are on a long journey and don’t buy takeout on board, you will starve to death. Make small lunches or sandwiches that are odor-free or raw.

Only beverage restrictions apply. 

Children’s food is an entirely different topic. If parents or guardians are traveling with children, they can have milk or other food. 

How to prevent petty theft?

It’s one of the most common fears among travelers is theft, which is why; first, extreme measures, since prevention is essential for avoiding theft. We recommend avoiding distractions; not display valuables or put them within reach of anyone – place them in double bottoms or unsuspected places-; distribute them in different areas, do not transport them in checked suitcases, and use the hotel safe whenever possible; use locking mechanisms – there are many gadgets on the market – and take the special care-of your mobile.

Health insurance

Do not risk traveling if you are sick or suffer from a disease that cannot be adequately controlled abroad. In any case, find out in advance about the destination’s health system and where you can go in case of need.

If you have health insurance, make sure it covers the country’s expenses and what kind of incidents. Read the fine print; you can get more of a shock. And the fact is that, in many countries, healthcare is expensive, and in others, it is deficient. Insurance that covers all warranties, in addition to saving the trip, can keep your economy going.

Identify your medications

Traveling with certain medications requires extra care, as each state has its entry limits, especially for narcotics or psychotropics. In these circumstances, carry the original bottle up and travel with the guide, making sure the names match the two. Some tourists have struggled with the possession of illicit drugs. 

Do not assume that abroad you will find common drugs as quickly as here. They may be cheaper, infinitely more expensive, or they just do not exist. 

Find more customs.

Protected by cultural or religious motivations, some countries can even punish certain attitudes by law beyond reproving them socially. To avoid problems or awkward situations, do some basic research. Think that there are countries in which you should not kiss in public, others in which you cannot dress in camouflage clothes, or others. It is not possible to dance or drink alcohol or give just a few examples.

Attention to the baggage policy

Take into consideration the weight limitations of each airline and each leg of travel. Keep in mind that the luggage policies of the airlines are increasingly restrictive when it comes to the size and weight of the suitcases. This trend affects not only low cost, but also regular airlines. If your luggage exceeds the established measures, the economic cost can be considerable.

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