The Best Trust News Apps For Android is easy

Keeping informed about what is happening anywhere in the world at any time is easier than ever, thanks to smartphones. These less and less small devices allow us to connect and be aware of what is happening worldwide, regardless of the distance that separates us from the place in question.

To do this, yes, it is necessary to resort to applications and platforms that allow us to know the latest news. In this article, we select the best that exist on Google Play and that you should have on your mobile if you do not want to miss absolutely anything that happens in the world.


Flipboard is the quintessential news app. In addition to the extraordinary performance that Flipboard has, it allows you to read the news by genre or subject. This means that many users have chosen Flipboard as their favorite app. Flipboard also allows you to save the news and read it on another device. However, one of the peculiarities of Flipboard is that it will enable you to choose whether the publications we receive are private or public and, in each case, to select the recipient of the news.


With more than a million installations on Google Play, SQUID has already become one of the most popular news platforms, thanks to its format that collects the most exciting news based on the preferences of those who use the application.

SQUID includes more than 100 different news categories and allows you to combine national and global news. In addition, it offers the possibility of following favorite media through personalized channels, and the news can be read directly through the media’s website or through the reader incorporated in the application.


As its name suggests, a “feed” feeds on articles and news according to our interests and the keywords we want to keep under control. We can tag posts to read later, explore new things, and share articles cleanly and efficiently. The interface, although clean and minimalist, can be a bit confusing at first. In any case, an excellent place to keep up with our favorite blogs.

Geek Tech

News app in Spanish specialized in technology. Collect articles from sites such as Android PIT, Engadget, MovilZona, and other vital websites within the sector. It has a dark mode, and the interface is one of the cleanest and lightest that we can find on Android.

I would give it five stars, but I see that The Happy Android does not appear, so that I will remove half a star from its final rating. Jokes aside, an excellent app with techie news and tutorials.

Microsoft News

The very Microsoft also has its own news app for Android and is one of the most complete that can be used. Microsoft News will show the latest news on the topics we care about, and the team of editors will select the best news for each day.

If we wish, it will be possible to activate the notifications to receive alerts with the latest news.


Inoreader is another news application that collects the most renowned publications from each country while allowing users to select their favorite topics and categories. In this way, the app’s home screen will only show exciting news, and it will even be possible to save the news to read later.

In addition to all the functions included in the free version of the app, Inoreader Pro is the platform’s premium edition, which provides push notifications with the latest news, article translations, and more exciting functions.

News fold

From the creator of the famous Twitter client, Fenix ​​for Android, Mateo Villa, and News fold is an RSS reader with a careful design, which improves the reading experience through functions such as a full-screen mode, gesture navigation, light and dark theme, image caching for offline reading, and more.

Each user will be able to add their own favorite RSS feeds. However, thanks to News fold’s integrated search engine, it will also be possible to find new media on our favorite topics.


Reddit may be one of the best news sources out there, thanks to the thousands of subreddits on different topics. If, for example, you are interested in reading the latest news about Android, r / Android is the best option. If what interests you is technology in general, that is what r / Technology exists for.

In addition, thanks to the voting system, the best posts of each day and the most important news will appear directly on the cover of Reddit.

Although Reddit’s default app leaves a lot to be desired, luckily, some third-party clients provide much more functionality in addition to, in general, having a better design. Among the most popular, we can find Sync, Boost my favorite slide, or Relay.

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