Easy Way For Organize A Cheap Trip Systematically

How or organize a trip on your own? To begin with, do not think that organizing a good, beautiful and cheap trip is only possible with last-minute offers. No way. We tell you from experience. You can do it yourself, and above all, the most important thing: Your way without anyone setting you schedules at all times. Unless that is what you like, so do not keep reading.

Tips for choosing your destination

It may seem like it but no, choosing the destination of our next trip is not as trivial as it seems. Although if you already know where you are going to go, you can skip this step. I advise you to start by preparing a list of all the places that you feel like. If it is very long, you will have to try to reduce it.

Analyze and choose yourself the criteria to reduce the list of destinations: i) Type of trip:  cultural, nature, adventure, etc. ii) Diversity, with destinations that combine the types above of trips, iii) Novelty, or difference from the destination with recent trips made, iv) Cost, although we have not calculated it yet, we all know which sites are more expensive or cheaper. If you have doubts, I advise you to look at a trip by agency, to get an idea, v) Group, if several people travel, choosing the destination is more difficult, but discarding from the list will be more accessible.

It is convenient to leave a small number of possible destinations for an in-depth analysis. If we do not have it, we will discard it as we advance the following steps as we go.

How much time do you have?

Depending on your travel time, prefer the most distance target. For example, you have a week of vacation, select a goal that is 5 hours away by plane (or car), do not waste your time going and coming, better enjoy it in your chosen place.

You can arrange trips that are more distant or perform a pause to get the flight more affordable.

How to decide the duration of the trip

We will analyze everything that we are interested in visiting in each destination for the selected destinations.

  • See type tours prepared by travel agencies, where you will find the most important of each destination.
  • See blog recommendations. Here you can discover fewer familiar places and things to do, which you can add to your trip if you are interested.
  • If you have any hobbies, research them at the destination. For example, look for theaters, escape games, hot springs, adventure activities, etc.

Design the scheme of your trips and determine the number of days necessary for each candidate. If you can, add a couple of days more, surely ideas will come up.

If for any of the destinations you get more days than available, you can cut it. Still, I think it is better to remove it from your list this time and plan it for another occasion that you have more time.

Whom are you traveling with?

When preparing a trip, you require examining the ideas and suggestions of others. What I do, as I am usually the one who organizes the trip, is first I choose the destination, then I tell it to others. Sometimes my uncles sign up, other times my sister and my brother-in-law, and most of the time, and we go alone.

In all cases, I tell them to look at the destination what they want to do, if there is something essential for them, something that they do not feel like, etc. I give you a deadline to tell me so I can continue planning the trip. If they tell you “whatever you want,” clarify that later you do not want to see ass faces because you have not hit the “whatever you want

Prepare the budget for the trip.

The time has finally come to prepare a detailed budget for each of the finalist candidates.

For each destination, we have a few days and an approximate itinerary. But it will be necessary to narrow down some details.

  • Select the type of accommodation: hotels, apartments, camping, boat, etc.
  • See the form of transport: car rental or public transport, etc.
  • We will do many excursions on our own, but we may be interested in hiring others.
  • Investigate if we are going to spend on visits, shows, etc.

When is the best time to go?

If your travel days are the same as yours and your company decides for you, you can skip this step. But suppose you are one of the lucky ones who can choose your vacation days. In that case, you can consider the high and low season of the destination you are going to visit, when it is rainy or hurricane season, when it is cheaper, when is the festival you want. 

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