Important Essential things must be in your travel suitcase

Essential things should to carry into your travel suitcase

When you start thinking about vacations, you first choose the destination, then you book the trip, and then you wait for the moment to leave, deducting the days from the calendar. However, before the big day, in fact, a few days before if you are proactive or only a few hours before departure if you are one of those who wait at the last minute, the same question always attacks you: what to pack?

What to bring in your travel suitcase

Before starting to put things in the suitcase, it is worth thinking about the best type of luggage for the trip we will make. It will depend on your destination, that append in your transport where we are going to use, and the temperature we will find ourselves by, the limitations of the airlines or our interests depending on the way we like to travel.

Be noted for these tips to know what is important to pack in your suitcase where we go out to travel with some peace of mind and safety.

Personal objects

We then come to the personal items that each of us always carries with us, without which the holiday could take a wrong turn. First, the mobile phone, with its charger and power bank, a good book, travel documents, such as flight and hotel reservations, and personal papers, preferably photocopied, in case of loss. It is also instrumental in having a laptop or tablet with you, watching a movie while traveling, or surf the Internet more comfortably.

Money and cards 

Remember that some hotel and car rentals require a credit card as collateral. In addition, you never know when an unforeseen event appears.

Toiletry-bag must be have with toilet & liquid kit for your travel 

Although many hotels offer it, it is better to be prepared according to what you need for your hygiene. Among them: toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant, moisturizer, soap, etc.

Passport & Documentation 

Remember that you should have all required documentation for your verify. In your addition, should have the documents in order to have any problems when traveling.

Appropriate clothing

To pack well, take what you usually wear, not what you would like to wear, and have not been encouraged to wear before. Being comfortable is essential, and this is not the time to experiment. A good trick for packing is to make sets of clothes, that is, to wear clothes that combine in each other so you don’t stop wearing anything because it doesn’t match. by there way if you are only going for travel a few days, you can make a daily set by using several items for several days. If it is a long trip, carry T-shirts, pants, dresses, skirts or shoes that can combine well with each other. Also, keep in mind that laundry is available all over the world and can be used for washing clothes, and thus you will avoid getting heavier.

Basic prevention kit 

It is important to carry a small first aid kit whenever you travel to deal with small-unforeseen events. Keep in mind that if you do not check luggage, you cannot accept liquids of more than 100 ml or scissors. We recommend some painkillers, plasters, antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-mosquito spray. If you take medications for specific control of any disease, bring enough for the trip, sunscreen, and moisturizer in case of sunburn.

Some tricks you should know to reduce weight & space in your suitcase

  • Store clothes in packing cubes. In same cases, you can store all off things you have in a classified way. This way you avoid chaos in your suitcase, and you can carry everything in an organized manner.
  • Folding all items of clothing in the form of “churros” makes it much less bulky and hardly wrinkle. In addition, when taking what you want to wear out of the suitcase, it is easier to select the “roll” and not have to disassemble the entire luggage.
  • Some flip-flops you can use for the shower and go for a walk or go to the beach. In the spare pair of shoes, you can always tuck your socks to make the most of the luggage space.
  • The microfiber towel is very useful because they take up very little space, dry very well, and dry quickly.
  • A foldable bag or backpack that you can easily fold and store. To use in case you need to rearrange your luggage.
  • A versatile fine long-sleeved shirt or a scarf that protects your arms from the sun, or that can be useful in case of an unexpected change in temperature.
  • If you are traveling with carry-on luggage only, take the bulkiest items with you while in transport. For your example: if you have a cold destination, you should carry the coat outside & with your most extensive footwear so that it’s not occupy as so much volume in the suitcase.

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